State Of Escape - Perfection in simplicity

State of Escape at Moniker Sport Norge


Moniker Sport in Oslo is one of a few selected retailers worldwide with a wide selection of State Of Escape bags. Inspired by original artistry, driven by wondrous escapes - State of Escape is focusing on perfection in simplicity, their designs are driven to equip and entice your sense of wanderlust. 

Finding beauty in the unexpected, it all began in 2013 when two curious minds Desley Maidment and Brigitte MacGowan came together to create something unique, refined and beautiful.

As the pen hit the paper, designs and concepts were formed and perfected with intimate attention to detail. The result was something never seen before - the Escape tote - the first formation of timeless design and a classic wardrobe staple. This design was only the very beginning of State of Escape’s evolving collections.

With bold, intuitive design and fine craftsmanship front of mind, State of Escape bags are proudly Australian made, produced in Sydney. Read more about State of Escape's story here

The Escape Tote has become an instant classic and favorite in the nordics with a confidently simple and distinct design. 

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